Facebook Advertising

Boost up social engagement and brand awareness among masses

Our successful social media team delivers Facebook page management services to engage and grow audiences for both local businesses and leading eCommerce brands.

Outsourcing Facebook page management is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly – the way your brand engages (or doesn’t) on Facebook changes the way customers feel about your business.

To be effective, the agency you choose needs a clear understanding of the values of your brand, your target audience and the tone of voice which should be used when communicating with them on your Facebook page.

It is important to agree a framework for content creation and content curation and to work closely with you to agree promotions and competitions which suit your own goals and will inspire and grow your audience.

Tailored Facebook Page Management Packages

Your business and your customers are unique. You shouldn’t have to settle for a ‘Facebook page management package’.

The investment of time and resources in a Facebook campaign can vary significantly from business to business. For eCommerce stores with potentially large audiences, the return is significant as is the competition – the investment reflects that return.

Facebook AdvertisingIncludes

Understanding Objectives

We’ll work closely with you to establish social media goals, whether it’s to attract more followers, increase your brand reach, or generate more leads and sales.

Buyer Personas

By establishing your business’ buyer persona – a generalised representation of your ideal customer – we can relate more closely to your target audience.

Brand Identity

We will ascertain the ideal tone and imagery for your business’ online presence, and strive towards maintaining a consistent brand identity.

Content Curation

We’ll balance creating and curating new and engaging content which won’t dilute your presence in news feeds.

Follower Engagement

Whether they’re commenting on a post or sending you a direct message, we’ll keep our ears to the ground and ensure that we respond efficiently and appropriately to each interaction.

Business growth

Facebook has in excess of 2 billion monthly active users. With our comprehensive strategy, we can help you turn profile visits into active engagements, leads and sales.

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